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Case Studies


Home Philosophy

Home Philosophy is a local Berlin real estate agency with a more personal and human approach to real estate services.

To receive clients for consultations and apartment purchase assistance.

  • Content strategy
  • Account management
  • Attracting the target audience

Home Philosophy

For Home Philosophy, we crafted a content strategy that seamlessly integrates expert insights, valuable advice, and market expertise with a personal touch, shedding light on the founders' journey.

Our primary platform was Instagram. We packaged useful content into reels to boost engagement and utilized video formats to establish a connection between the audience and the founders.

To attract new followers, we strategically collaborated with expat communities on Telegram, targeting recently relocated expats as the agency's primary audience. In addition to our content strategy, we launched an advertising campaign offering a free 30-minute consultation on the real estate market. 1 in 4 leads who signed up for a free consultation converted into clients, showcasing a robust conversion rate.

This strategic approach consistently generates 3-4 service requests per month, demonstrating impactful results with a relatively modest follower count.

    Airsiders GmbH

    Airsiders GmbH is a Berlin-based aviation start-up. The company offers advanced tech solutions for airports and airlines.

    To build a comprehensive marketing strategy for B2B lead generation.

    • Company positioning
    • Defining the key marketing channels
    • Content strategy
    • Attracting the target audience

    Airsiders GmbH

    Airports and Airlines are heavily regulated institutions; therefore, the decision-making and sales cycles are very long. Considering this, we developed a marketing strategy based on three key channels:

    Event Marketing:
    Industry events became the first touchpoint with potential clients. The booth designs were crafted to intrigue and attract leads, encouraging them to approach and ask questions.

    Public Relations and Thought Leadership:
    Given the conservative nature of airports and airlines, convincing these institutions to collaborate with a small unknown company is challenging. Articles in industry and business media became a necessary acknowledgment for Airsiders within the sector, influencing the perspectives of potential clients.

    LinkedIn Management:
    Recognizing the current challenges of the aviation Industry with carbon emissions, innovations are crucial, and decision-makers are aware of this. Our LinkedIn content strategy aimed to create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). We highlighted all agreements and achievements, reposted articles featuring Airsiders etc. A targeted LinkedIn campaign was also executed to attract C-level aviation professionals as followers.

    This strategy proved highly efficient, resulting in the successful securing of four contracts in 2023, including Toronto Airport and several regional airlines.

      Take Creative

      Take Creative, a creative agency in Berlin, is currently evolving from representing talents to becoming a full-service creative agency. The agency's expanded services now include art direction, sound design, and more.

      Goal: Building a system of lead generation

      • Market research and competitor analysis
      • Positioning the agency and defining the key messages
      • Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy

          Stages of Work

          1. Briefing
          During this phase, we gather information from Take Creative concerning their existing sales funnels, marketing communication, target markets, types of clients, and the spectrum of services the agency offers.

          Timeframe – 3 day
            2. Market research
            During this step, we closely examine the top 2-3 competitors in the market to determine the following:

            • Their positioning and communication style
            • Marketing channels they utilize
            • Strengths and weaknesses in their marketing communication
            Timeframe - 2 weeks
            3. Strategy development
            During this step, we consolidate all insights and formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

            Timeframe - 2 weeks
              How does it work?
              Initial briefing call
              Market research
              Developing a marketing strategy
              A call to present the strategy
              Marketing Strategy
              Structure and Price
              • Current Company Situation
              • Market Insights and Competitor Analysis
              • Plans and Future Outlook
              Target Audience:
              • Client Profile
              • Segments
              • Needs and Objections
              • Positioning and Key Messages
              • Critical Channels
              • Content Strategy for Each Channel
              • Sample Content Plans for Each Channel
              • Content-Based Sales Funnel
              • Paid and Unpaid Promotional Strategies
              Pricing: €2900 + VAT

              Sample Account Management Proposal

              The cost of implementing a marketing strategy is directly tied to the selected channels, the volume of content, and the quality of content produced for each channel.

              To provide a clearer picture of our service structure, we include slides illustrating the team setup and the array of services offered for managing a LinkedIn account.


              Project Manager:
              • Content Strategy
              • Team Management
              • Reporting
              • KPI tracking
              Account manager:
              • Content Plans
              • Content Creation
              • Posting
              • Photo and Video Content Production
              Video Editor
              Graphic Designer

                LinkedIn Account Management
                Sample List of Services

                • Developing a content strategy (3 posts per week)
                • Developing visual guidelines
                • Monthly project calls
                • Monthly content plan
                • Production and posting of 3 posts per week
                • Community management (comments, direct messages)
                Design and content production
                • Creation of Visual Guidelines
                • Graphic design
                • Video editing
                • One photo/video shoot per month for content creation
                • Running targeted advertising campaigns
                • Influencer marketing
                • Thought leadership

                Pricing: €1800 + VAT per month
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