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Consumerism is in crisis at the moment. Young Europeans don't want to buy from brands and platforms that are not fair or sustainable. With each action as small as buying a toothbrush people want to make a positive impact and no harm.

Too many choices make shopping quite a challenge. Picking something you like may require browsing through dozens of online shops.

In this situation, shopping communities and marketplaces with a specific focus and style become a solution. Finding a marketplace you can relate to means you can trust their choices and that the products they offer may suit your taste.

  • To create the content strategy for social media.
  • To create a vibrant community of active people, interested in fashion and design.
  • Generating sales from social media

Target audiences:
People in Europe and USA, 25-45, working in creative industries, interested in fashion and design

General strategy

The best way to promote a fashion-and-lifestyle marketplace platform is by promoting a selection of products the platform offers. Naturally, a platform with some kind of an ideology should focus on brands that fit the concept. It might be ecology, local production or a very special and individualistic vision. This special vision / ideology / mission must be reflected in the choice and the presentation of content.

The first step in creating a strategy for Soobu would be to define Soobu's position by writing down everything the platform stands for, reviewing the list of brands it collaborates with from the ideology / vision / mission point of view.

We suggest setting the content strategy focus on presenting the products. Posts about specific products shall thus become the principal part of the content.

Types of Content
We can define several types of content:

1. Soobu news. New brands on board, new countries to which delivery is available, new team members etc.

2. Products. The selection of products we cover must be seasonal and connected to a particular situation: summer, vacations season, season of staying indoors, important holidays etc. While presenting a product we will be talking about it through our ideology, highlighting points that are important to Soobu rather than simply announcing materials and prices.

3. Newsbreaks. Commenting on important events that fit the vision. Celebrating a pride month, or Christmas, or commenting on an important change in carbon footprint legislation (if this fits the ideology) – in other words, creating posts based on important and relevant news.

4. User generated content. This is the best proof of quality, as people trust other people.

5. Quotes and mood posts to reflect the vision and ideology

Visual Feed
A marketplace that unites brands that are similar in spirit must express this spirit visually. Since we are talking about design and fashion, visual feed on the Instagram page becomes a leading communication channel.

We will plan the visual feed in advance according to the content plan. We suggest not to use ready templates but rather create an individual design for each post using a range of visuals: lookbook pictures of the brands, images of our own design, typography, mood photos and so on.

The visual feed will be designed as one piece so that posts match in colour, style and mood. It will be evolving with time to stay different and interesting.

Solo Food
retouch, composing of the feed
The Columbist
Creating templates, using pictures from an open sources
Photoshooting, retouch, composing of the feed

List of services and pricing. Content creation

List of services:
  • Interactive set of stories 3 times per week
  • Posts 3 times per week
  • Design of posts and stories
  • Retouch of the pictures, creating of harmonious visual feed
  • Answering comments and DMs
  • Posting special offers and users generated content in stories
Price: 700 per month
We suggest promoting particular products and running the advertising campaign via the website. People who are interested in these types of products will subscribe to the Instagram profile as well, yet the growth of the following on Instagram is a secondary goal in this case.

Since there are multiple products and multiple locations, the price for running an advertising campaign will be calculated based on the number of locations (set of cities or countries), as different messages and visuals much be generated for different locations.

Promotion of up to 10 products per month

List of services:
  • Advertising strategy
  • Creating of different messages with different focuses
  • Creating of ad banners
  • Creating of videos for advertising
  • A/B tests
  • Setting of ads in feed, stories and Reels
  • Analysis of ad campaign based on traffic performance (Google Analytics)
  • Reports and recommendations, adjustment of campaign

Advertising campaign for one location: 400 euro per month

So if we run advertising for 2 locations the cost of services will be 800 euro.

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