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Bestteller is a communication agency in Berlin with a focus on SoMe and PR. We create communication strategies that win clients for our clients. Here's how we work:

About us

We strategize

We get wildly creative

We adjust

At Bestteller we are challenging the traditional business model of comms agencies. We believe that inflexible retainer models with high costs and long commitments belong to the past.

We are honest

We have developed a range of flexible SoMe and PR services with transparent pricing. Whether you need a strategy kick-off for your in-house SoMe team or need to enhance awareness among Gen Z through a creative campaign, we have you covered.
A few words about us before we start

We are transparent

Sounds good? Then let's go!

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Why is it so great to work with us?
If your positioning is unclear or your website not gonna to concert — we will tell you directly and suggest pausing our collaboration. We are working to achieve great results, not to take money for meaningless work.

We are honest

We don't flirt with you on a 1-hour call to send you a 9000-euro proposal for posting 2 posts per week on Instagram. You can find all our prices here.

We are transparent

Overall we are just nice and chill people that are fun to work with

We are fun

We collaborate with the best digital talents from all over the world - animators, AI artists, and art directors. You will have access to the best cutting-edge talents.

We are innovative

We know you want to see the prices, but first a couple of words about our work

SoMe showreel?


Channel strategy

For whom:

You have a clear communications strategy for your brand and want to activate a new channel, e.g. Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn that you will run with your in-house team. All you need is a kick-off
A detailed strategy for this channel based on your brand strategy. We will help to adapt messages for this particular platform, will advise what to post and how much, outline topics and types of content, give guidelines for content production and explain promotional mechanics. We will provide a monthly content plan



300$ per month
Initial briefing

Developing a strategy

Initial briefing


Channel strategy
Strategy advisory
Channel management
Content production
Influencer Marketing campaign
Influencer Marketing placements
Paid Social for followers
Paid Social for sales
Creative campaigns for socials and beyond
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Data driven creativity

Hand crafted content

Data driven creativity

Hand crafted content

Data driven creativity

Hand crafted content

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