Berlin today is a lively, diverse, and welcoming city, drawing in creative young people from around the world.

But alongside its vibrancy, Berlin grapples with new challenges, both global and local. Climate change, global conflicts, housing shortages, and an immigration crisis have clouded our outlook for the future.

This uncertainty weighs heavily on the city's youth. Many are losing hope, feeling anxious, and facing mental health struggles. We see fewer births, increased radicalization in climate activism, and rising support for extremist views among young people, like those of the AfD.

It's a tough time for Berliners, but it's also when we need to come together to build a brighter future.

Surrounded by negative headlines, what's missing is a sense of hope and a positive vision for the future of Berlin.

That's where Manifest Berlin comes in. It's a project that uses art and technology to create a positive vision of Berlin's future. Once we see it, we'll know the way forward.

Manifest Berlin
Manifest Berlin is a project aiming to make a positive shift in Berliners' mindset by offering a vision of the future through clear visualizations of what Berlin might look like decades ahead.

To achieve this goal, the project harnesses the power of art, AI, AR, and communication.

AI Art

In the heart of our project lies the creation of AI-generated images depicting the future of Berlin, crafted by leading AI artists from around the globe.

We will invite these artists to reimagine key locations within the city, focusing on the most important topics for the future, including: Ecology, Diversity, Inclusivity, Nature, Childhood, Mobility, Sustainability, Community, Technology.

Each AI art piece will be created based on a specific location in Berlin that holds significant historical or contemporary importance. A total of nine AI art pieces will be created.

Augmented reality

To create a stronger emotional impact and reach more people, the next phase of the project will utilize augmented reality (AR).

Together with our AR partner, we will develop AR experiences for the locations in the city that were selected to be reimagined by AI Art. QR codes will be placed in these locations. When users scan a QR code with their smartphones, their browser will open, enabling them to view the location through their phone's camera. The view will be enhanced with elements created by the AI artists specifically for that spot. The technology not only allows users to see the reimagined view through their camera but also to film it and share it on social media.

    Public talk

    At this stage, we'll organize a conference featuring prominent speakers from various walks of life discussing the future of Berlin within the scope of this project.

    What we would like to achieve is to moderate a conversation between people with different backgrounds and values: young activists, university professors, queer leaders, and entrepreneurs. Berlin stands for diversity, and only together can we create a glimpse into the city's future.

    Financing and partnerships

    conference space
    exhibition space
    social media partner
    pr partner
    online informational partner
    ar partner
    print informational partner
    tv informational partner
    To finance the implementation of the project, we plan to invite sponsors and partners. At this very initial stage of the project, we already have a few partners who have confirmed their interest.

    We would like to invite the city of Berlin to become an official partner of the project. Partnership framework with the City of Berlin might include:

    • Mutual selection of topics for AI Art.
    • Collective determination of locations in Berlin for AI Art and AR.
    • Involvement of City of Berlin representatives in public discussions.
    • Organizational assistance for implementing AR in public spaces throughout Berlin.

      Partnership guidelines

      Why do we think this partnership fits the Berlin's 2024 strategy and might be beneficial for the city:

      • The project will visually represent the City of Berlin's ongoing digitalization efforts, raising awareness and increasing engagement.
      • Shifting the perspective from a worrying present to a positive future will significantly alter Berliners' mindset, channeling energy away from radicalization and protest towards more productive endeavors. The project will demonstrate how people can contribute to building the city they aspire to.
      • This project holds significant potential not only on a national but also on a global scale. As AI Art and AR technology are still emerging fields, being the first to utilize these technologies in an awareness project will establish Berlin's leadership in digital art, technology, and creative public communication.Organizational assistance for implementing AR in public spaces throughout Berlin.

        Importance for the city

        An official partnership with the City of Berlin will help us implement the project on a larger scale, thereby bringing about a more significant positive impact and instilling hope and a positive vision of the future for more Berliners.

        Having the City of Berlin as an official partner will assist us in:

        • Attracting world-leading AI artists.
        • Achieving wider coverage and a greater impact.
        • Inviting global thought leaders for public talks and initiating game-changing conversations.
        • Garnering broader attention and achieving a more substantial impact.

        Importance for the project
        The team
        Manifest Berlin is a female-led project
        • Anna Butochnikova
          Anna has a background in PR and digital marketing. She has organized events for 300+ people and implemented integrated PR projects with 1M+ coverage. As a naturally born communications professional, Anna senses the current agenda really well. She came up with the idea of Manifest Berlin to address the main challenges of the city she fell in love with.
        • Tatiana Zelensky
          Digital marketer and business consultant
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