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Bestteller is a Berlin communication agency with a focus on social media marketing. We create communication strategies that win clients for our clients.

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About the Service

Bestteller's LinkedIn Strategy is designed to kickstart a new era for your company’s LinkedIn page – the lead generation era. This service is perfect for companies with existing marketing teams that want to enhance their LinkedIn efforts. The experienced Bestteller team will develop a comprehensive, customized LinkedIn strategy aimed at attracting more leads and clients. Additionally, we provide consultation and guidance to your marketing team on effectively implementing this strategy, including examples, useful tools, and expert advice.
By implementing our strategy, you will be able to significantly enhance your LinkedIn performance and increase the number of leads generated, all with your current resources.
Success Story
LinkedIn Strategy for Airsiders

Airsiders is a tech startup in the aviation industry. The sales cycle in this industry is traditionally long. Airsiders primarily utilizes PR, industry events, and LinkedIn for marketing. However, the company's LinkedIn page, which was managed formally, failed to generate any leads.

Following the initial briefing, we developed the "FOMO" strategy.
Airsiders' potential partners—airports and airlines—are under considerable pressure to adopt green initiatives and constantly seek innovative tech solutions. However, due to stringent safety regulations, implementing changes can be a slow process.
To capitalize on this, we invited all past and potential leads, as well as new prospects identified through LinkedIn searches, to follow our page.
Our content strategy focused on widely publicizing the company’s project developments, such as new technological features, onboarding of new clients, winning awards, participation in industry events and project meetings with current clients.
This approach created a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among other companies. By sharing this type of content, we effectively nurtured and warmed up leads.

We implemented a fresh, cutting-edge design
to emphasize the company's focus on innovation and technology.

We incorporated candid videos featuring the founders to enhance engagement and implement storytelling.
In 5 months, the number of requests that the business development team received via LinkedIn increased 2.5 times, and 2 major collaborations were signed, including with Toronto Airport. ROI 17,4.

What does a LinkedIn Strategy include?

  • Objectives
  • Target audience profile
  • Competitor analysis
  • Company positioning on LinkedIn
  • Key messages
  • Types of content
  • Content formats
  • Monthly content plan template
  • Tone of voice and copy samples
  • Promotion tactics
  • Graphics guidelines
  • Graphics templates for posts
How It Works
A meeting with the Founders and Marketing Team to gain insights into the business and review current marketing strategies.
A detailed presentation of a comprehensive strategy, including content strategy (messaging, content types, and a monthly content plan) and promotional tactics
3 sessions with the marketing team to support strategy implementation, present the tools, and transfer essential techniques and methods.
Two monthly feedback sessions to optimize the implementation of the new strategy and improve the outcomes of each process.
The LinkedIn Strategy will be developed by the Founder of Bestteller Agency
  • Anna Butochnikova
    Anna Butochnikova has over 10 years of experience in Communications and Marketing. After serving as Head of PR at a consultancy company, she decided to further her development by enrolling at NOVA University Lisbon to study digital marketing. Following her studies, she founded Bestteller, a social media management company.
    Since then, Anna has developed and implemented over 50 successful social media strategies for various types of businesses. She has extensive experience in the B2B sector, specializing in creating effective lead-generating strategies for SaaS, tech, and service B2B companies.
Services and Costs
  • Briefing session
  • Development of the strategy
  • Presentation meeting
  • Alteration session, if needed
  • Three 1.5-hour onboarding sessions with the team
  • Two monthly feedback sessions on strategy implementation
  • Development of graphic templates for posts
  • Creation of a cover image and a profile image
Price: €2000 + VAT

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